Don't you wish there was an easier way to keep track of your students?

Sojurn is a realtime class dashboard that captures what students are looking at and what questions they have.

Students constantly ask questions and take in information. Students have tons of questions in class. Only a small fraction of these can ever be asked and answered if students have to raise their hands and interrupt the teacher. Students with access to laptops can surf Google and other sites and try to answer these questions on their own. But there is no guarantee that they'll find the right material or come to the right conclusions.

What if there was a way for teachers to monitor students and discover their questions in realtime? Imagine being able to see what information students are looking at and what questions that information generates during class. Suddenly, every student can be guided and helped instead of the few who ask questions out loud.

Sojurn enables you to do this! With Sojurn, you can see what sites your class is accessing in realtime and what questions they have. Answer the questions immediately through Sojurn, or answer them in person. Sojurn changes the way your structure your class.

Sound interesting? It's easy (and free!) to get going with Sojurn!